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Office Cleaning Services Singapore | Commercial Cleaners for Your Company’s Cleanliness

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To give your staff and team members a conducive working environment, regular office cleaning is a necessity.

With the fast pace business scene in Singapore, there is a tendency to neglect office cleanliness. And when employees are working overtime, they may decide to bring back packed dinners or munch on some snacks at their desk. Often, it is the bits and pieces which they miss when clearing up that result in an accumulated messy work environment.

Yet, regardless of the size of your company, ensuring a clean office is important for maintaining a good image of your business. Especially if you have clients, vendors, or top management that come visiting from time to time.

Our Office Cleaning Services

As a professional cleaning company, our goal is to remove your daily hassle of maintaining a spotless office. Your employees and staff have mountains of tasks to complete every day, the last thing you want them is for them to distract themselves dusting and wiping desks, shelves and chairs.
Instead, by engaging a licensed team to come in on a regular cleaning schedule, we can help you complete the following:

  • Frequently sweep and/or vacuum your office floor
  • Perform a surface dusting for common office equipment like CPUs, keyboards, and monitor screens
  • Complete regular furniture wipe down to remove dust from desk surfaces, cabinets, tables, bookshelves, and legs of office chairs
  • Remove spots and stains from fabric chairs, including removing stubborn dirt caught between the wheels of your swivel chairs
  • Perform doors and windows cleanliness by washing or wiping them with detergent – especially for glass areas
  • Clean hard to reach areas such as fans, air-conditioning cabinets, and light fixtures around the office
  • Pantry routine check to ensure sinks, kettles, microwave, and other electronic devices are kept clean
  • Regular clearing of rubbish bins and waste baskets
  • Sanitisation of small items such as intercom devices, phone sets, and remote controls
  • Toilet cleanliness which includes disinfecting toilet bowls and sinks

Best Practices for Engaging a Cleaning Company

Before working with us, we always brief our clients and prospective clients on some key things to take note of before hiring us for any office cleaning. As every office is different, the tasks and scope of work involved will defer from company to company.

One important thing to take note of is the type of flooring in your office. When it comes to commercial cleaning, there are different types of chemicals to select from depending on the flooring. A cement flooring makes for a quicker clean as there are lesser avenues to trap or retain dirt and dust. Likewise for any wooden flooring material, although special care has to be taken to avoid leaving stains.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, special care has to be observed as carpets while beautiful to look at, has a tendency to retain dust and dirt that are swept around. And as the threads of the carpet make it difficult to identify tiny particles, a stronger vacuum is necessary to provide a thorough cleaning.

Naturally, the floor is just one aspect of any office cleaning.

Before you engage us, it is always a good practice to make a list of the various areas you would like us to assist you with, along with the frequency for each task to be performed. Not only will you have a clearer idea of the activities we’re working on, you also know when is the best time for us to come in and perform the tasks while minimising any disruption to your office activities.

Why Choose Us As Your Preferred Office Cleaning Vendor

Having worked with clients in various industries over the years, we understand some of the common challenges office admins and managers are tasked with when it comes to maintaining a decent level of hygiene at work.

While engaging a full-time cleaner may seem like a feasible option, the fact is, you don’t always need a cleaner around the office. Furthermore, it is difficult to recruit an experienced cleaner who can do a good job as the skill set involved are different from your normal scope of work. That also means, you might not have a relevant department to manage or train them. In some cases, hiring an in-house part-time cleaner also means you have an additional headcount in your payroll which brings in more administrative work for CPF, insurance, and medical claims (MCs).

In the event an employed cleaning staff goes on leave, you may find yourself back at the root of the problem with no one to tidy up the office for that entire duration.

Instead, when you choose to outsource this menial activity to a professional office cleaning vendor, you’re assured of regular cleanliness as we follow a fixed schedule. In fact, many companies find our part-time office cleaning services a welcome addition to their team as we help solve a major headache for them.

They are assured of regular cleaning without ever having to fret about absentees or no-show as we have the relevant manpower to send in a replacement in unforeseen circumstances.

Only Certified Commercial Cleaners on the Job

As we provide a wide range of cleaning services, we have to ensure we have an experienced team ready for the job always. To that end, we employ a mix of personalities that consists of locals and foreigners. All of which are NEA trained and certified to provide our clients with the assurance and peace of mind that the cleaning routines are carried out to the highest industry standards.

Naturally, depending on the scope of work involved, we’ll send a team that consists of junior or senior cleaners with the relevant experience for the job.

How to Get Started

Should you have any questions about our scope of work and office cleaning services here at A1 Facility Services Pte Ltd, do drop us a call on our hotline or use the helpful form we’ve included on this page to send us an enquiry. Our team of support staff are always eager to answer any questions you may have and to help ease the headache of ensuring a clean working environment in the office.