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Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for A Cleaner & Healthier Office!

Clean, Tidy & Hygienic

Our carpet cleaning includes industry equipment and green chemicals to ensure a thorough cleaning process that removes dirt and other health hazard for maximum cleanliness.

NEA Licensed Team

Our team of professional cleaners are NEA licensed and receive regular weekly training to ensure they always deliver industry standard cleaning services for our clients.

Scheduled to Your Convenience

Our cleaning routines are personalised to your cleaning needs. Whether you require an ad hoc service or a regular cleaning plan, we customise our service to your convenience.

Provide your staff with a hygienic and healthy work environment with regular carpet cleaning to kill unwanted germs and disgusting dust mites lingering about in your office. Having a clean carpet makes for a healthier option as it protects and retains your carpet flooring for a longer period of time.

In fact, when you choose to remove unwanted stains or dirt, it leaves your office looking more visually attractive for both your team and any visiting client. After all, first impression counts and a beautiful clean carpet is but a subtle yet affordable tactic.

And to help businesses and companies maintain a good brand image, we offer more than just carpet cleaning solutions. We’re also a one-stop commercial cleaning service provider to help businesses with ALL their cleaning needs.

Our Commerical Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are available on both an ad hoc basis and for regular contractual arrangements to suit your needs and convenience.

Office Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Services

Green Technology for Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Stains, spillage, grime, and dirt are an inevitable part of any office setting, especially one with carpeted flooring. While a simple solution might be to have a vacuum cleaner designed for carpet on standby in your office closet, in most cases, it takes special chemicals to remove tough stains and bring back that carpet to almost brand in new appearance.

For such specialised services, you need a professional carpet cleaning company with the years of experience and trained manpower to be on the job. Traditionally, many cleaning companies relied on dry carpet cleaning methods to get the job done.

The problem is, some of these techniques are not reliable enough to remove stubborn stains leaving your carpets looking grimy. On the other hand, using traditional hot water extraction cleaning methods result in a wet and damp carpet. Meaning no one can enter the room until it has completely dried off.

For such situations, a non-toxic type of chemical solvent for prompt drying is required. And more importantly, you’ll want to hire a company that uses green and eco-friendly technology as it is great for the environment and doesn’t release harmful fumes.

Ask Us: Special Cleaning Rates for First-Time Clients

Let us help you plan out a comfortable cleaning routine to make your work place a cleaner and more enjoyable environment. Plus: We’re offering a special cleaning rate for New Clients.

Various Types of Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Within the professional cleaning industry, there are many different techniques and methods deployed for various types of carpet materials. Each of them have their respective effectiveness in removing stains and other allergens to restore your home or office carpet to their former glory.

For more information about the different cleaning methods and other useful resources, we’ve created a handy online guide to help you understand more about cleaning techniques and how to go about deciding on the right services you need.

Below is a quick overview of some of the more common techniques we deploy.

Using specialised machines that rely on dry compounds in the cleaning activity, dry carpet cleaning is a method growing in popularity due to the shorter cleaning time due to the reliance on low moisture cleaning systems.

In addition, instead of leaving your carpet wet from detergent and other cleaning solution, the use of special chemical compounds is effective in breaking apart the greasy films found in heavily soiled areas which can be easily vacuumed up subsequently.

While this method is a premium option, it also reduces the stress on your carpet which in turns helps in maintaining it for the long term.

Carpet Shampooing

A long-time cleaning method that is effective in extracting dirt through the use of a specially formulated foam. This solution is often left to dry on the carpet which “picks up” the dirt particles separated from the carpet fibres. These now visible remains are then easily vacuumed up with a vacuum cleaner.

One key thing to take note of when it comes to carpet shampooing is to select the right chemical for your carpet. Inexperienced cleaning individuals may expose a carpet to a solution which proves to be too strong for the carpet fibre and in turn risk discolouring the carpet or worse, damaging it.

Engaging a professional cleaning company that uses only quality grade chemicals will help retain and protect your carpet’s lifespan.

Hot Water Extraction

Also referred to as steam cleaning, this method uses industry equipment to spray heated water directly onto the carpet. In most cases, cleaning chemicals is added to dislodge and dissolve trapped dirt particles.

The use of high pressured hot water is thus effective in forcing out stubborn dirt compounds. And as the equipment comes with a vacuum cleaner, it is instantly sucked up giving you a deep cleaning solution that also actively kills bacteria and dust mites in the process.

However, special care should be exercised with this method as steam cleaning is responsible for damaging many carpet fibres as heat can casue natural materials to shirk or become fuzzy when performed by inexperienced carpet cleaners.

Reviews of Our Carpet Cleaning Experts

We’re proud to work with A1 Facility Services Pte Ltd, a young and vibrant team of cleaning professionals with many positive feedback and testimonials from their clients. Their expertise in carpet cleaning and other office cleaning services is instrumental in giving our clients the same positive outcome and quality cleaning experience.

Take a look and decide for yourself…