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Part Time Cleaning Services

The idea of engaging part time office cleaning services in Singapore has been growing steadily as more corporations and even small businesses discover the cost advantage of outsourcing their cleaning activities to an experienced cleaning company with the relevant track record.

Without a regular cleaning schedule in place, your work place is doomed to attract dust, stains and dirt. Yet to appoint a duty roster or an active personnel to manage this task may seem like a waste of resources and manpower.

Not surprising since each employee is hired to fulfil a specific task and role. And menial cleaning activities shouldn’t be one of them.

Instead, providing employees with a decent clean and hygienic environment is the sort of standard welfare expected of any company.

That’s where our office cleaning services help defray your cleaning headaches.

Advantage of Contractual Cleaning Services

Germs and bacteria are some of the most common culprits for infecting employees at work and increasing absentee rate. One of the danger of presentism is when a sick co-worker comes into the office and unintentionally spread the virus around through the sharing of office equipment.

To reduce the chances of germs lingering in the office, regular office cleaning is strongly recommended.

And because we offer a range of services, you don’t need a thorough “spring cleaning” taking place in your office every other day.

When you choose to work with A1 Facility Services Pte Ltd, we will seek to understand your daily, weekly and monthly cleaning requirements to plan out a cleaning schedule in our contract.

You’ll have a clearer idea of the type of office cleaning taking place and what to expect whenever our licensed cleaners are at your premise to carry out their cleaning assignment.

This saves many companies time and money as they may not have a team or department with the right skill set to employ a full-time team. Worse, they may not know how to train these individuals to carry their assignments properly.

But with a contractual cleaning service from a professional company, you can leave the planning and activities to us, so you can focus on the other aspect of your business.

Industry Equipment & Tools

To many first time hirers, they imagine cleaning to be a simple activity where our team comes in with a broom or some wet cloth to wipe the surfaces of their office desk.

For simple cleaning activities, that may be all there is to it. But in most cases, when it comes to more thorough and complex cleaning, special industry cleaning equipment is required to ensure a quality work is completed.

For instance, as a carpet cleaning specialist, our goal is to remove spots and stains from your office carpet floors. For any office carpet cleaning assignment, we require using modern cleaning equipment to go beyond the surface of your carpet and suck out mold, bacteria, and fungi that are almost invisible to the naked eye. Without this level of thoroughness, a seemingly clean yet essentially dirty carpet can still be a potential health hazard if left unchecked.

Thus when you’re deciding on outsourcing your cleaning to a third party, you’ll definitely want to employ a licensed company with the right technology and skill set.

Choosing to Work with A1 Facility Services Pte Ltd

As a team here to serve your cleaning needs, we’re always ready to help you plan out a minimally disruptive cleaning schedule. A common practice is for our cleaners to clean your office premises during staff lunch breaks for minor cleaning and before or after office hours for major cleaning activities.

By leaving a team of professionals to carry out critical activities like vacuuming, clearing the rubbish bins, and washing up the pantry, it frees your employees with more time to focus on their work.

To find out more about the range of cleaning services we provide, do drop us a call or fill up our helpful form on this page and we’ll get a support team member to get back to you.