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Office Cleaning Rates

Office cleaning rates doesn’t have to cost your company an arm or a leg to hire a reputable cleaning company in Singapore. While there are several key components that contribute to the pricing of any cleaning services by different companies, we’ve included some key areas to help you plan your cleaning budget.

Usually the different rates are also determined by the scope of work involved as well as the frequency. Since most companies are looking for a part-time cleaner to come down to their office to tidy it up, you definitely wouldn’t want to be engaging a company that costs more than hiring a full time staff for simple tasks.

That being said, it is still a good practice to have a more thorough cleaning service every couple of months to ensure a clean and hygienic work environment for your team and staff.

Specialised Carpet Cleaning Services

For offices that have carpet flooring, you may also require advanced office carpet cleaning services to remove difficult to see and stubborn stains from your office carpet. As a company specialising in carpet cleaning, we do offer a wide range of carpet services beyond regular cleaning.

These services are provided as we understand the many challenges companies face when it comes to ensuring proper care and maintenance for their office carpets. These services include:

  • Carpet Installation
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Carpet Shampooing

Depending on the size of your office, we do recommend different schedule for your carpet cleaning. Most companies should be sufficient with a monthly cleaning schedule, but for companies that see a high volume of customers and clients visiting, the bi-weekly or weekly cleaning plan might be a better option.

Costs of Engaging Office Cleaning Services

Naturally, the scope of any office cleaning is more than just carpet cleaning as there are other aspects of the office to maintain.

The first consideration is obviously the size of your office. With a larger room, it means more manpower and hours are required to cover the entire area, as opposed to a smaller office with lesser desks, chairs and equipment. Depending on your office size, we do have a range of prices on a per square metre (or square feet) basis. If you’re unsure on how to calculate your office area, do feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you along.

If only a certain section of your office is carpeted, we’ll also have to take this into account as the quotation will be slightly different.

With the office size in mind, the next thing to consider is the frequency of the cleaning. Most smaller businesses with lesser visiting clients would prefer a regular weekly cleaning with a more intensive cleaning once a month. For companies that see a high foot traffic into the office, scheduling a daily cleaning routine might be more appropriate as there is the client perception of the brand to uphold as well.

Certified Cleaning Packages

Finally, we need to factor in the type of packages that are available.

As the scope of work can vary greatly depending on your cleaning needs, we do offer different customised packages for our clients. While the basic cleaning services are more straightforward, advanced cleaning services require different types of industry equipment and special care to complete the service.

That’s where a certified cleaning company comes in with the right skill set and trained staff on the job. As we only engaged NEA licensed cleaners, you have the assurance knowing the person coming to your office is properly trained to carry out the task. They have standard protocols and checklists to complete for the given assignment as there is a professional standard to adhere to.

This does mean the packages are pricier than hiring a retired relative you know but you’re assured that the quality of work is definitely higher, and there won’t be any awkward circumstances of confronting a close auntie or uncle about their work.

Instead you know you can rest easy leaving it to a team of professionals to care and maintain your office to a high cleaning standard and uphold a positive brand image for your clients.