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Office Carpet Cleaning Singapore | Regular Carpet Care Services for a Cleaner Workplace

Room with carpet
Office carpet cleaning services are a critical part of office maintenance today as more businesses opt for carpeted flooring. Hardly surprising as carpeted floors make for prestigious feel while creating a warm ambience for office staff as well as for visiting clients.

However, unlike other types of flooring, carpets require a higher maintenance plan to retain its fresh looking and elegant appearance. Without which, carpets are prone to collecting dirt from the shoes leaving behind a dirty impression. And a dirty carpet that reeks of dampness and odour gives out a negative image not to mention the potential to spread germs and diseases.

To avoid this, regular carpet cleaning is important to maintain it in its original form and to protect your office carpet after getting soiled by accidental spillage, constant trampling, and other pieces of fabric abuse.

Health Risks Attached to Dirty Carpet Floorings

Some companies in Singapore have a practice of removing footwear before stepping into the office. This helps protect the carpet’s fabrics from the rough abuse from the sole of shoes trampling on the carpet. However, an average person’s feet contains moisture from perspiration. This moisture could lead to a damp carpet over time and a damp carpet collects fungus and other micro-organisms. Without regular carpet cleaning maintenance, this could lead to an entire range of health related respiratory problems like asthma and skin infections.

Even if shoes are worn in the office, another common issue with carpet flooring is the ability to trap and retain dust particles. A dusty carpet then becomes a suitable breeding environment for dust mites as they feast on the bacteria. Skin rashes, nose infection, and other eye conditions are some of the known health conditions attached to the breathing in of these dust mites.

Industry Technology & Equipment for Regular Carpet Care

Given the need for frequent and regular office carpet cleaning, using industry technology and equipment is necessary for many offices to properly remove such health hazards. While a simple daily vacuuming is enough for removing dust and other bits of crumbs and pieces of paper, a monthly or quarterly carpet shampooing is necessary for removing stains and disinfecting it.

Not only will this help to reduce health-related issues, it’ll continue to give your office carpet the fresh and clean look and feel.

Using the right chemical is important in any carpet care and maintenance as a harsher chemical might damage the carpet’s fibre and reduce its lifetime. Worse, hazardous chemical agents are known to produce suffocating fumes which can lead to nausea, sneezing and headaches if inhaled.

Instead, an experienced cleaning company will choose to use chemicals with organic ingredients that doesn’t leave employees with another health hazard.

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Managing the administrative affairs of any company is already a tedious and strenuous role. To be in charge of regular office cleaning activities is sometimes the last straw on the camel’s back.

That’s where a professional team providing a range of office cleaning services can help lighten these load as we have the knowledge, skills, and industry know-hows to conduct proper carpet cleaning services.

And A1 Facility Services Pte Ltd has been offering our cleaning services to many professional establishments in various industries and other commercial institutes like clinics, schools, offices, showrooms, hotels and much more. We only choose to use industry grade technology to ensure a thorough and proper carpet cleaning that gives you a fresh looking and healthier carpet for your employees, co-workers and clients.

To learn more about our office carpet cleaning services, feel free to leave us a message or reach out to us through the enquiry form we’ve included on this page.