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Office Cleaning Company Singapore | The Cleaning Agency for Commercial Businesses

For a reliable office cleaning company based in Singapore, look no further as our team of professionally trained cleaners are here to help make your working space clean and tidy. We understand the challenges most companies and businesses face when it comes to providing their staff, team, and employees with a decent level of cleanliness and hygiene around the office.

To hire a full-time cleaning staff or two may not be the most feasible or financially sound decision for most companies.

That’s where outsourcing to an experienced cleaning company like ours will not just take away the headache of encouraging everyone in the office to be neat and tidy, but you can also enjoy a better working environment, reduce the spreading of germs and bacteria, and present a good impression for your clients.

Our Company’s Commitment to Office Cleaning

Having cleaned many companies offices over the years, we’re always ready to tackle any cleaning challenges you may have and to provide top notch office cleaning services for your business.

Whether it’s an office or just a restroom which requires regular cleaning, we’ve the team for you. We’re also experienced in providing industrial cleaning services for F&B factories, restaurants, shopping malls and much more. Our goal is to provide a cleaning solution that will take the headache and hassle away from you, so your team can focus on the company’s business.

As a commercial cleaning service provider, we also specialise in carpet cleaning, both for offices and other commercial properties. Carpets make any office look professional and beautiful. But that prestigious look and feel do come with a cost, higher carpet maintenance or you risk having a dirty looking office.

Worse, carpets have a high tendency to retain dust and dirt, often not visible to the naked eye. That increases the health risk around the office without regular cleaning activity.

That’s where our specialised office carpet cleaning services will do wonders as we deploy industry best practices to thoroughly remove stubborn stains and trapped dust particles to retain the quality appearance of your office carpets.

Why Choose to Work with Us

From regular vacuuming to dusting and wiping your office surfaces, to cleaning and washing the toilets, our team is certified to handle any cleaning task on hand.

As a professional cleaning company, we have a trained team of cleaning professionals who will follow a regular schedule to get your office cleaned. You won’t have to worry about manpower issues like medical leaves, holidays, child-absence or other related issues as we have the manpower to replace in the event of an unexpected event.

That means your office will always get cleaned according to the schedule and cleaning plan we’ve worked out with you.

Our Cleaning Company Profile is proud to work with A1 Facility Services Pte Ltd, a team of young and energetic company specialising in cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties. The team of trained cleaners undergo regular training to continuously keep them ahead of the competition with the latest industry best practices and familiarisation with any industry equipment or machinery for any projects, if necessary.

To get started, do feel free to request a quote by calling us or using our helpful enquiry form on this page.